2016 Nairobi Themes

Nairobi Conference Themes/Topics

The following topics will be discussed at the conference

  1. The development of Swahili into an independent academic discipline with its own research methodology
  2. Teaching Swahili as a foreign language
  3. Teaching Swahili in East Africa (in primary and secondary schools, and universities)
  4. Swahili and/in the media
  5. Swahili and social media (blogs, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, etc.)
  6. Swahili literature (novels, plays, poetry)
  7. Swahili and music (dance music, Taarab, contemporary, etc.)
  8. Swahili and drama (drama in radio, TV, movies, etc.)
  9. Swahili cartoons
  10. Swahili in the development and decline of democracy
  11. The role of Swahili in economic development in East Africa
  12. The role of Swahili in strengthening and weakening of the East African Community
  13. The role of Swahili in youth employment
  14. Swahili research and publications in linguistics, language and literature, etc.
  15. The contribution of Swahili in the development and death of languages of smaller ethnic communities
  16. The impact of Swahili on the development of English
  17. Swahili and social services
  18. Swahili lexicology and lexicography
  19. Interpretation and translation
  20. Constitution and law
  21. Colloquial use of Swahili on the streets and in academic settings (e.g., in research, teaching, etc.)
  22. The Swahili student: classroom teaching abroad and immersion programs in East Africa
  23. Standardization and autonomization of Swahili
  24. The rise of new Swahili dialects: Sheng, Swanglish, etc.
  25. The state of Swahili in Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, and Uganda
  26. The spread of Swahili outside Africa
  27. Professional collaboration between experts in East Africa and abroad in developing materials for teaching Swahili as a foreign language
  28. The role of technology in the teaching of Swahili
  29. New methods and strategies of teaching and learning Swahili
  30. Swahili culture
  31. Assessment of Swahili both as a foreign language and L2 in the classroom
  32. Swahili proficiency tests
  33. Swahili programs and organizations abroad and in East Africa (e.g., Flagship, Fulbright Hays, Yale study abroad program, etc.)